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Michael J. Downes

The con­trib­u­tor Michael J. Downes is de­ceased.
Check used com­mands
Es­ti­mate the num­ber of words in a LaTeX doc­u­ment
Ex­er­cises in TeX, with an­swers
Type­set ex­er­cises in TeX, with an­swers
A LaTeX-based re­place­ment for BibTeX
Au­to­matic line break­ing of dis­played equa­tions
Macros for con­struct­ing in­ter­ac­tive LaTeX scripts
Sym­bol ma­nip­u­la­tion for breqn
Man­age math­e­mat­ics type­set­ting style
Change the def­i­ni­tion of an ex­ist­ing com­mand
List the ex­ter­nal de­pen­den­cies of a LaTeX doc­u­ment
Vari­ants on print­ing di­men­sions
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