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Gerd Neugebauer

Gerd Neugebauer The con­trib­u­tor Gerd Neuge­bauer ap­pears to be present as the CTAN com­mu­nity mem­ber gene.

Doc­u­ment class for the jour­nal of DANTE
A tool for ma­nip­u­lat­ing BibTeX files
Type­set cross­word puz­zles
Name tags for equa­tions
Sup­port for the va fonts in LaTeX doc­u­ments
LaTeX sup­port for the twcal hand­writ­ing font
Sup­port for the la and lla fonts in LaTeX doc­u­ments
Pro­vid­ing LaTeX ac­cess to var­i­ous font fam­i­lies
‘Startrek’ fonts, and macros to sup­port them
Sup­port for the cal­ligra font in LaTeX doc­u­ments
Sup­port for Van­roose hand­writ­ing font
LaTeX sup­port for CM out­line fonts
Sup­port for Wash­ing­ton Univer­sity Cyril­lic fonts
Type­set logic for­mu­lae, etc
Dis­play (La)TeX ac­cented let­ters in GNU Emacs
Type­set maps and blocks ac­cord­ing to the In­for­ma­tion Map­ping® method
Type­set a three-di­men­sional prod­uct box
Lit­er­ate Pro­gram­ming for Prolog with LaTeX
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