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Will Robertson

Ex­tra con­trol of ap­pen­dices
The math­tools "setup" func­tion
A user-friendly wrap­per around \en­largeth­is­page
Com­mands for us­ing Asymp­tote fig­ures
Class for type­set­ting ACTIVE con­fer­ence pa­pers
Wrap­per for pst-pdf (with some ps­frag fea­tures)
Make chap­ters be type­set like sec­tions
Con­trol the type­set­ting of the ab­stract en­vi­ron­ment
Aids for print­ing sim­ple book­lets
Au­to­matic line break­ing of dis­played equa­tions
Sup­port for Bezier curves
Bun­dle in­di­vid­ual doc­u­ments into a sin­gle doc­u­ment
Change the page lay­out in the mid­dle of a doc­u­ment
Mar­gin ad­just­ment and de­tec­tion of odd/even pages
Change the re­set­ting of coun­ters
Con­tin­u­a­tion head­ings and leg­ends for floats
Doc­u­ment non-LaTeX code
Gen­er­ate Uni­code char­ac­ters from ac­cented glyphs
A new in­ter­face for en­vi­ron­ments in LaTeX
EMPHa­siz­ing EQu­a­tions
A pack­age for type­set­ting epigraphs
Uni­code font en­cod­ing def­i­ni­tions for XTeX
Ad­vanced font se­lec­tion in XLaTeX and LuaLaTeX
Print font ta­bles from a LaTeX doc­u­ment
Sym­bol ma­nip­u­la­tion for breqn
Hard wrap text to a cer­tain char­ac­ter length
Hang­ing para­graphs
Dis­able/en­able hy­pe­na­tion
Class for type­set­ting ar­ti­cles for the ICSV con­fer­ence
If-then-else com­mand for pro­cess­ing po­ten­tially empty ar­gu­ments
Con­di­tion­als to test which plat­form is be­ing used
Cal­cu­late in­verse file paths
Am I run­ning un­der XTeX?
Dis­play var­i­ous el­e­ments of a doc­u­ment's lay­out
De­fine lead­ing with a length
The new \makecom­mand com­mand al­ways (re)de­fines a com­mand
Man­age math­e­mat­ics type­set­ting style
Log­i­cal markup for lists
Math­e­mat­i­cal tools to use with ams­math
A sim­ple type of box for LaTeX
En­vi­ron­ment for ver­ti­cal cen­tring
Stub for the (old) ‘mh’ bun­dle
Insert page­break if not enough space
Gen­er­al­i­sa­tions of the page ad­vance com­mands
User level man­age­ment of LaTeX in­put and out­put
Type­set ar­ti­cles for PracTeX
Sup­port for ps­frag within pdfLaTeX
Print lengths us­ing spec­i­fied units
Notes at end of doc­u­ment
Ac­cess OpenType sub­script and su­per­script glyphs
Gen­er­ate ro­man nu­mer­als in­stead of ara­bic dig­its
Pro­vide sec­tion­ing in­for­ma­tion for pack­age writ­ers
Unify maths sub­script height
Sec­tion num­ber­ing and ta­ble of con­tents con­trol
Trim spaces around an ar­gu­ment or within a macro
Con­trol over the type­set­ting of the \maketi­tle com­mand
Uni­code math­e­mat­ics sup­port for XTeX and LuaTeX
Vari­able-width mul­ti­ple text columns
Mark ver­ti­cal rules in mar­gin of text
Aids for type­set­ting sim­ple verse
Ref­er­ence doc­u­men­ta­tion of XTeX
“Ex­tras” for LaTeX users of XTeX
Break ta­bles across pages
Split-level frac­tions in LaTeX2ε*
OpenType ‘loader’ for Plain TeX and LaTeX
A small col­lec­tion of min­i­mal DTX ex­am­ples
OpenType Uni­code maths fonts
Add bib­li­og­ra­phy/in­dex/con­tents to Ta­ble of Con­tents
Con­trol ta­ble of con­tents, fig­ures, etc
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