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README 322 2012-12-30 09:46
ctan_lion_2400.png 40479557 2005-09-08 05:55
ctan_lion_2400.tif 59763358 2005-09-08 05:56
ctan_lion_350x350.png 81950 2005-09-27 07:44
ctan_lion_600.png 2249595 2005-09-08 05:56
ctan_lion_600.tif 3736862 2005-09-08 05:56
ctanlion.eps 264217 2005-11-30 05:51
Th­ese sketches of the CTAN lion were done by Duane Bibby for us. They are free for your use, al­though we would ap­pre­ci­ate an ac­knowl­edge­ment such as "CTAN lion draw­ing by Duane Bibby; thanks to". The scans are not cleaned up. The 350x350 pixel one is a good size for the De­bian lo­gin screen. Jim Hef­feron
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