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DVICOPY is a utility program that allows one to take a DVI file that references
composite fonts (VF) and convert it into a DVI file that does not contain such
references. It also serves as a basis for writing DVI drivers (much like

Change files are in progress for MS-DOS, CMS, VMS, and WEB2C and will be 
placed in this directory when available.

The following files are currently available:

dvicopy.web        The WEB source for DVICOPY.


Name Size Date Notes
452 1990-10-01 01:00 ⇒ /dvi­ware/dvi­copy/read.me
dvi­copy.web 167295 1996-04-07 02:00 Copy DVI files, flat­ten­ing VFs
read.me 452 1990-10-01 01:00
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