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This set of metric files for the ibm TimesNewRoman font family was
created on 1998/07/06 by Sebastian Rahtz, his famtool package, 
using Alan Jeffrey's fontinst TeX macros, version 1.8.
It consists of :
 + tfm files for use by TeX in old TeX encoding
     and new Cork TeX encoding 
 + vf (virtual font) files for dvi drivers 
 + tfm files for the raw fonts (TeXBase1 encoded) to use with the vf files
 + .fd (font description) files for use with LaTeX
 + a file nnt.map which lists the raw font names and their
    full PostScript names. This can be added to eg the psfonts.map file
    of dvips to ensure that the driver recognizes the names as those
    of PostScript fonts
 + a dvips config file config.nnt which can be used to tell dvips
   about the new fonts if you do not want to change the default psfonts.map
   (usage: dvips -Pnnt to tell dvips about the TimesNewRoman fonts)


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