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Here the experimental version of ps2pk 1.6 binaries for MSDOS. The sources
are contained in ../ and the beta1/beta1a diffs in
../ps2pk16beta1a.diffs. To  build ps2pk in Win95 you need a version of
DMAKE.EXE that supports long filenames (see

   ps2pk.exe		the untested 1.6 version		the executables for dmake 4.1 needed to compile
                        ps2pk 1.6, you need to set MAKESTARTUP, eg
      set MAKESTARTUP=d:\emx\etc\startup.41\

6 March 1998


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README 531 1998-03-05 01:00 100506 1998-03-05 01:00
ps2pk.exe 304545 1998-03-05 01:00
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