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Two tiny tools for studying Type 1 fonts.
  - t1area: give informations about the black area of a glyph;
  - t1extremes: tell if "extremes" of Bzeier curves are at the right place.
Compile the tools with:

gcc -lm -lt1 -I /usr/local/include -L /usr/local/lib -o t1area t1area.c
gcc -lm -lt1 -I /usr/local/include -L /usr/local/lib -o t1extremes t1aextremes.c

Thomas Baruchel (baruchel@users.sourceforge.net)

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (10.4k).

t1in­fos – Util­i­ties for PostScript fonts

There are here two lit­tle pro­grams writ­ten in C (us­ing t1lib) for scan­ning Type 1 fonts, and do­ing:
– com­pute the ‘black area’ of each glyph, with how much per­cent of the square con­tain­ing the glyph is black, and
– check­ing if the ‘ex­tremas’ (see Adobe Type 1 spec­i­fi­ca­tions) of the out­line are cor­rect, and tell which one are miss­ing.

There is also here a PostScript dic­tio­nary con­tain­ing three al­go­rithms for au­to­matic kern­ing (the kern­ing is com­puted ‘on the fly’ in­stead of be­ing pre-com­puted by ex­ter­nal soft­ware like , groff or lout; very use­ful for some PostScript hack­ing). Two of these al­go­rithms are quite clas­si­cal; the third is orig­i­nal and is PostScript-op­ti­mized. The PostScript file in the dis­tri­bu­tion con­tains both demon­stra­tion code and the dic­tio­nary it­self.

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