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Direc­tory tex-archive/indexing/glo+idxtex/ms-dos

The files are executables of glotex and idxtex for msdos on 386.

They have been compiled by djgcc 1.10c .
Run the programs by:
  1. move the DOS-extender go32.exe to a directory present in PATH.
     run (glo|idx)tex.exe
  2. create self-running executables by:
       copy go32.exe+glotex.exe glotex_autark.exe /b
       copy go32.exe+idxtex.exe idxtex_autark.exe /b
     run (glo|idx)tex_autark.exe


Name Size Date Notes
glo_idx_exe.zip 68964 1994-04-21 02:00
readme 402 1994-04-21 02:00
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