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There is nothing in this directory that is of use to the average LaTeX

    If you want to associate     ---\  download the cooltooltips
    pop-up windows and tooltips  ---/  package from CTAN.
    with hyperlinks

    If you want to see a code    ---\  read the documentation for
    example for a particular     ---/  whatever package the FAQ
    FAQ answer                         answer recommends.

    If you want to rebuild       ---\  don't bother; the content has
    the Visual LaTeX FAQ for     ---/  been laid out manually and the
    whatever reason                    PDF file has been postprocessed

The source to the Visual LaTeX FAQ necessarily has to utilize a number
of crude hacks and is more often than not a demonstration of how *not*
to achieve a particular effect.  First, a lot of trickery is involved
in wrapping hyperlinks around typesetting examples: If you can't put
something in an \fbox and have it look right then you can't easily put
a hyperlink around it, either.  Second, some packages exhibit
contradictory functionality.  For example, parskip.sty sets the
paragraph indent to zero for all paragraphs while indentfirst.sty sets
the paragraph indent to a nonzero value for all paragraphs.  Clearly,
a LaTeX file can't meaningfully load both packages.

The good news is that the UK TeX FAQ, to which all of the Visual LaTeX
FAQ's hyperlinks point, is likely to include an increasing number of
code examples (cf. http://tinyurl.com/fj4gz).

The visualFAQ.pdf file on CTAN has been postprocessed to include page
thumbnails and to support "Fast Web View" (a.k.a. Linearized PDF).
Rebuilding the PDF will lose that metadata.  Changes to the document,
including formatting changes, are also not recommended.  Because of
the extensive use of unbreakable TeX boxes the document is very
sensitive to layout.  Any change is likely to cause ugly slabs of
inter- and intraparagraph whitespace to appear throughout the

In short, you're best off using the Visual LaTeX FAQ as it was
intended: Browse through the prebuilt visualFAQ.pdf file, click on
hyperlinks of interest, and learn from what the UK TeX FAQ has to say.


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