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AcroFLeX --- D. P. Story
Dated: 09/26/2010

The acroflex package is part of the AeB Pro family of packages.
It is a package that creates a graphing screen using the
rmannot package. The user can type in functions and graph them.
A graphing screen can be populated with pre-packaged functions for
the user the scrutinize and interact with.  The package can graph
functions of a single variable x, a pair of parametric equations that
are functions of t, and a polar function of t.

The graphing screen is a rich media annotation what uses a specially
developed SWF file, called the AcroFLeX Graphing widget. This package
takes advantage of rich media annotations, which is a version 9 feature
of Acrobat. This package requires Acrobat Pro and Distiller version 9.
The user needs to use Adobe Reader 9.0 in order to obtain the graphing

Further description and examples may be found at the acroflex home page at

Let me know if there are problems or suggested features.  e-mail
me at dpstory@uakron.edu or dpstory@acrotex.net

Now, I simply must get back to my retirement.

D. P. Story


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acroflex – Create a graph­ing wid­get in a PDF file

The pack­age cre­ates a graph­ing screen us­ing the rman­not pack­age. The user can type in func­tions and graph them. A graph­ing screen can be pop­u­lated with pre-pack­aged func­tions for the user to scru­ti­nize and in­ter­act with. The pack­age can graph func­tions of a sin­gle vari­able x, a pair of para­met­ric equa­tions that are func­tions of t, and a po­lar func­tion of t.

The graph­ing screen is a rich me­dia an­no­ta­tion that uses a spe­cially de­vel­oped SWF file, called the AcroFLeX Graph­ing wid­get. The pack­age takes ad­van­tage of rich me­dia an­no­ta­tions, which is a ver­sion 9 fea­ture of Acro­bat; it there­fore re­quires Acro­bat Pro and Dis­tiller ver­sion 9. The user needs to use Adobe Reader 9.0 in or­der to ob­tain the graph­ing func­tion­al­ity.

Pack­age De­tailsacroflex
Home pagehttp://www.math.uakron.edu/~dp­story/acroflex.html
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Main­tainerD. P. Story
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