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   ¦                                              ¦
   ¦       THE POLYGLOSSIA PACKAGE v1.33.5        ¦
   ¦                                              ¦
   ¦     Modern multilingual typesetting          ¦
   ¦        with XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX             ¦
   ¦                                              ¦

This package provides a complete Babel replacement for users of XeLaTeX and 
(at an early stage) LuaLaTeX. This version includes support for 74 different

Polyglossia makes it possible to automate the following tasks:

* Loading the appropriate hyphenation patterns.
* Setting the script and language tags of the current font (if possible and
  available), using the package fontspec.
* Switching to a font assigned by the user to a particular script or language.
* Adjusting some typographical conventions in function of the current language
  (such as afterindent, frenchindent, spaces before or after punctuation marks,
* Redefining the document strings (like “chapter”, “figure”, “bibliography”).
* Adapting the formatting of dates (for non-gregorian calendars via external
  packages bundled with polyglossia: currently the Hebrew, Islamic and Farsi
  calendars are supported).
* For languages that have their own numeration system, modifying the formatting
  of numbers appropriately.
* Ensuring the proper directionality if the document contains languages
  written from right to left (via the package bidi, available separately).


Polyglossia has no bug, of course.

Hum, sorry, wishful thinking.  Please report any bugs, problems or requests on:


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (205.0k).

poly­glos­sia – Modern mul­ti­lin­gual type­set­ting with XLaTeX

This pack­age pro­vides a com­plete Ba­bel re­place­ment for users of LuaLaTeX and XLaTeX; it re­lies on the fontspec pack­age, ver­sion 2.0 at least.

This is the first re­lease that sup­ports use with LuaLaTeX; it should be con­sid­ered “tran­si­tional” in that rôle.

Pack­age De­tailspoly­glos­sia
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2011 Arthur Reutenauer
Main­tainerFrançois Charette (in­ac­tive)
Arthur Reutenauer
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MiKTeX as poly­glos­sia
Topics LuaTeX and pack­ages that re­quire it
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