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Direc­tory tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/stex/example

This directory contains a typical (if minimal) example of a sTeX
collection, and a Makefile-based conversion workflow. It is intended
to test the sTeX distribution and serve as an example for sTeX users
to set up their system. It contains

README:      this file
Makefile:    this contains rules to automate the PDF formatting and 
	     XML conversion process.
background:  a directory with background modules, this is assumed to 
	     exist before starting work on the paper, in real life this 
	     would probably be a subversion external.
paper: 	     a directory with a paper based on two modules and the 
	     background modules. 
test:      a directory that has the makefiles to accomodate your tests;
             just copy  your files there adjust TARGET and type make.

For an explanation of the design of the example see paper/example.pdf or 


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