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The files in this subdirectory are the double column macros from TeXsis.
They can be used by themselves with Plain TeX.  Just say 

	\input TXSdcol.tex

at the begining of your job.  Then use \SetDoublecolumns{column-width}
to set up the output routine for double column printing.  You must say
\doublecolumns to enter double column mode, and \enddoublecolumns to go
back to single column mode.

Further info is given in the comments in the file TXSdcol.tex

More complete instructions for using these macros are in TXSdcol.doc,
which is just the relevant section of the TeXsis manual.  You probably
can't process it unless you already have TeXsis working, so I've put DVI
and PS copies of it here too.

Eric Myers  <texsis@lifshitz.ph.utexas.edu>		26 December 1997


Name Size Date Notes
README 766 2000-02-28 00:00
TXSd­col.doc 14435 2000-02-28 00:00
TXSd­col.dvi 17128 2000-02-28 00:00
TXSd­col.ps 99253 2000-02-28 00:00
TXSd­col.tex 31435 2000-02-28 00:00
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