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This is the README for C++2LaTeX Version 1.1 Patchlevel 0.

See ChangeLog for a list of changes from Version 1.0.

The program c++2latex converts ANSI-C/C++ programs into LaTeX source.

It requires flex which can be found on various ftp sites,
 e.g. prep.ai.mit.edu. For those without flex and without the possibility
to get one, I can email the flex'ed program.

Contrary to the manual, flex (2.1-beta and 2.2-alpha) doesn't ignore lines
starting with '#' in the definition section. Either patch your flex with
the unofficial patch flex-patch or first type `make workaround'. This will
strip the comment lines from c++2latex.l.

There are three mutually exclusive compile options for c++2latex:

	C_PLUSPLUS generates a converter called c++2latex that expects
                   C++ input.
	ANSI_C     generates a converter called c2latex that expects
                   ANSI-C input.

	USE_NAME   generates a converter called c++2latex that expects
                   C++ input if the program name (i.e. the name under
                   which the converter is called) contains a '+', else
                   it expects ANSI-C input. This saves disk-space as
                   you can 'ln c++2latex c2latex' and get virtually
                   the same result as with the two other options
                   (which create two independent binaries). However,
                   this is not the default option as changing the
                   behavior (even only the default behavoir) of a
                   program by reaming it might be confusing.

Please note that these options only specify the default behavoir
which can be overridden by the run-time options [-a,+ansi-c] and

The default option is C_PLUSPLUS. This can be changed by calling
either ``make ANSI_C'' or make ``USE_NAME''. Simply calling ``make''
is the same as calling ``make C_PLUSPLUS''.

The resulting program c{,++}2latex is standalone and uses no environment
variables. It can be installed in your default location without any

Please notice that this program is under GNU Copyleft.

have fun



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