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DK Tools and Libaries
This package contains Dirk Krause's tools and libraries.
SourceForge project page:	http://sourceforge.net/projects/dktools
Project home page:		http://dktools.sourceforge.net

The software is licensed to you under the terms of a BSD style license,
see bsdlic.txt.

See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

In the download area of the SourceForge project at
you will find the following files:

- dktools-*.zip
  contains the software and minimum documentation (man pages and texts
  issued by ``program --help'').

- dktools-doc-*.zip
  contains a copy of the http://dktools.sourceforge.net web site.

- dktools-*.exe
  is an executable setup to install the software from dktools-*.zip.
  Note: The dktools-doc-*.zip archives contents is not installed,
  you need to download that archive separately if needed.

Subdirectories in this archive
contrib		Files for using DK tools with other software.
dkt-3		Resource files (String tables, help texts, help files...).
etc-dk3app	Configuration files installed to ${sysconfdir}/etc
		during installation.
examples	Example for dkwxwiz program.
gui		GUI programs.
help		Directory containing HTML files and screenshots for help,
		used to build the *.chm and *.htb files.
help-src	Directory containing *.wml and *.txt source files to
		create the *.html files in the "help" directory.
icons		Icons are created as *.fig files and converted to
		*.xpm and/or *.ico files in this directory.
sql		SQL files to set up an empty database for use with itadmin.

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