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Emacs and AucTeX for Windows

The file emacs-24.2+auctex-11.87-w32.zip contains a ready-to-use version of Emacs and AucTeX for Windows.

This package contains files fom various sources:


  • Extract

a href="emacs-24.2+auctex-11.87-w32.zip" emacs-24.2+auctex-11.87-w32.zip either to your hard drive or USB stick.
You'll get a directory named emacs-24.2-11.87 .
  • If you install Emacs on a hard drive, execute emacs-24.2-11.87\bin\addpm.exe in order to create a shortcut in the program menu.
    On a USB stick you have to execute emacs-24.2-11.87\bin\runemacs.exe directly.
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    win32-emacs-auctex – Ready-to-use Emacs and AucTeX for Windows

    The package contains a ready-to-use Emacs 23.3 and AucTeX 11.86 for Windows, as well as a few graphic libraries needed by preview-latex.

    Package Detailswin32-emacs-auctex
    LicenseFree license not otherwise listed, or more than one free license applies
    Copyright2001–2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    MaintainerReinhard Kotucha
    Topics plug-ins for editors, for better (La)TeX and Meta* support
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