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Direc­tory macros/latex/contrib/bezos

This directory contains some unrelated packages which I grouped for 
not to clutter the contrib directory.

There is a manual with the basics of all of these packages
as bezos.pdf.

Contact: http://www.texnia.com/contact.html

Tools for math accents: multiple and newly defined ones.

Manual: accents.tex/.pdf
Page: http://www.texnia.com/accents.html

Tensorial indexes, with fine tuning and optional substitution
of letters (a -> \alpha, for instance)

Both accents and tensind takes into account the 
slight displacement of indexes in some letters (like $f^1_1$).

Manual: tensind.tex/.pdf
Page: http://www.texnia.com/tensind.html

Another math tool. It provides dotless i's and j's for
use in any math font (\mathrm, etc.). A single file---it is
documented in the sty file itself.

Manual: clear text in dotless.sty

Generates automatically sort keys. Originally only for Spanish, but
version 1.5 provides tools for it to be adapted to other languages, so
that, for example, \esindex{\textit{Höhe}} can be made equivalent to

Manual: esindex.tex/.pdf (in Spanish)
Page: http://www.texnia.com/esindex.html

Deprecated. Fixed some babel annoyances.

Manual: babeltools.tex/.pdf

Combines soul and the savepos tools provided by pdftex and compatible
for fancy underlining.

Manual: soulpos.tex/.pdf

An alternative to \include's for large works consisting of
several subdocuments. Still alpha.

Manual: clear text in subdocs.sty

More useful error messages when there are open environments
at \end{document}.

Manual: clear text in checkend.sty

Arabic page numbering starting from the front matter.

Manual: clear text in arabicfront.sty

Javier Bezos                    | http://www.texnia.com

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.0M).

be­zos – Pack­ages by Javier Be­zos

A set of pack­ages that pro­vide:

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