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DK Tools and Libaries
This package contains Dirk Krause's tools and libraries.
SourceForge project page:	http://sourceforge.net/projects/dktools
Project home page:		http://dktools.sourceforge.net

The software is licensed to you under the terms of a BSD style license,
see bsdlic.txt.

The live systems produced by the debian-jessie-build-live.sh
script are licensed under the same license conditions as Debian GNU/Linux
itself (the live systems are derived from Debian).

See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.


Graphics conversion
bmpp             Convert PNG, JPEG, TIFF to PDF, PS, EPS
fig2lat          Convrt *.fig to PS(+TeX), PDF(+TeX), PGF
wximgsz          Suggest size pairs to rescale bitmap images

Web publishing
htmlbook         Publish HTML like a book

Software development
dkct             C preprocessor for debugging, tracing, state machines wx GUI
dkwxwiz          Create initial files for wxWidgets + DK tools programs
wxdkhtb          View HTB help files

IT administration
itadmin          Create configuration and docu (*.tex) files from MySQL DB

File and directory tols
dk-ls            List files, output column order is configurable
dk-fic           Check file integrity 
dk-bmm           Backup media managements
dk-blks          Create stream with constant block size for use with dd
dk-eradisk       Create data stream to erase a disk
dk-hex           Show file contents in hexadecimal or octal notation
dk-pwd           Clone of the pwd program, intended for Windows

Text tools
dk-t2l           Convert plain text to LaTeX
dk-t2h           Convert plain text to HTML
dk-cat           Show file contents, some recoding possible
dk-sort          Sort text line by line

User and password tools
dk-uid           Find free user ID in a given range
dk-pwgen         Create passwords, PIN number or hexadecimal keys
dk-rand          Create binary random data

Network tools
dk-send          Send data stream to one or multiple recipients running dk-recv
dk-recv          Receive data stream from a dk-send process
rshdown          Fast remote shutdown via specific UDP packet

Windows tools
dkwt / dkwtadm   List users, groups, printers; keep classroom PCs clean
winprint         Schedule file to Windows print queue
ChangeScreenSize Switch between different screen sizes
wprclean         Remove a users print jobs from local Windows print queues
lprngcl          Remove a users print jobs from LPRng print queues

Printer administration
prmonsnmp        Monitor a printer using the SNMP protocol
pjsnmp           LPRng filter to send print job to networked printer
printqd          Daemon to enforce print quota on LPRng print systems
printqdc         Client program to query printqd
wxpqdic          GUI client program to query printqd, show users print limit
addctrld         Ensure final CTRL-d at end of data stream

Simple databases tools
dk-t2db          Create simple text data base from plain text
dk-db2t          Convert simple text data base to text
dk-dbco          Copy simple databases

Database tools
dk-sqlsplit      Split overlong SQL lines as produced by mysqldump

Other programs
plpdftex         Output driver for octpgfpl to produce PDF+TeX
wxdkclock        Simple clock with one alert

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (12.1M).

dktools – Tools and libraries by Dirk Krause

This bundle provides a number of tools and libraries by Dirk Krause, in particular:

  • bmpp: convert PNG/JPEG/TIFF to EPS/PDF;
  • fig2lat: convert Fig to /EPS/PDF/SVG;

Licenses3-clause BSD License
Copyright2002–2017 Dirk Krause
MaintainerDirk Krause
See alsosam2p
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