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Great pack­age and \RetArg com­mand

Hello. Thank you for the great pack­age for Bode and Nyquist plots in Tikz. I am us­ing it ex­ten­sively for my slides.

Wanted to let you know that the out­put of \RetArg is in ra­di­ans and not in de­grees where as other com­mands such as \POArg is in de­grees. This is easy to cor­rect by us­ing 57.29*\RetArg. I have found out be­cause I have found dsi­crep­an­cies with mat­lab when us­ing pure de­lays. You will find that the Bode plot in the doc­u­men­ta­tion for the first or­der with de­lay is wrong.



Franky De Bruyne, 2014-07-22 22:10 CEST


Great pack­age and \RetArg com­mand Franky De Bruyne, 2014-07-22 22:10 CEST

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