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An excerpt from the book `(More) Math into LaTeX', 4th edition: Short  
Course, to help you get started quickly with LaTeX, including detailed  
instructions on how to install LaTeX on a PC or a Mac. The Short  
Course is copyrighted, but can be freely distributed.

This folder also contains a series of video presentations covering  
most of the Short Course. These presentations are copyrighted, but  
they can be freely distributed.

How to watch these videos?

Mac: Just click on the icon of a video, and QuickTime Player 7.5 or 
newer loads it. (Make sure you have a current version from Software 
Update...) Click on the play button, the black triangle pointing 
right. If you want to play the videos on a notebook with a smaller 
display, the play button may not be accessible. Go to the View menu 
of the QuickTime Player and choose 

Enter Full Screen

PC (Windows): If you do not have QuickTime 7.5 (or newer) installed 
on your computer, point your browser to


choose Downloads and in the middle of the page click on QuickTime. 
Follow the instructions for a free installation of QuickTime on 
you PC. (Older versions of QuickTime give a misleading error message.) 
Now you can play the videos as on a Mac. Read the instruction for 

UNIX and Linux: Most video players can be used to watch these videos. 
We tried TOTEM (with the the Gnome desktop), ATUN and KAFFEINE (with the 
KDE desktop). 


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