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README for latex2e.texi, aka the latex2e-help-texinfo package.
Public domain.  This file originally written 2008, Karl Berry.

This project is an attempt to write a reference manual for core LaTeX.
It is unofficial and the LaTeX Project members have not reviewed it. (the project home page) has more
information, including links to the current output in various formats,
sources, mailing lists, and other infrastructure.

Help is most definitely wanted.  (Search for "xx" in the source for only
a few of the known deficiencies.)  Please email any bug reports, new
material, general discussion, whatever, to


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (2.0M).

la­tex2e-help-tex­info – Unoff­i­cal ref­er­ence man­ual cov­er­ing LaTeX2ε

The man­ual is pro­vided as Tex­info source (which was orig­i­nally de­rived from the VMS help file in the DECUS TeX dis­tri­bu­tion of 1990, with many sub­se­quent changes). This is a col­lab­o­ra­tive de­vel­op­ment, and de­tails of get­ting in­volved are to be found on the pack­age home page.

All the other for­mats in the dis­tri­bu­tion are de­rived from the Tex­info source, as usual.

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Ver­sion 2013-05-13
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Copy­right2007-2011 Karl Berry
Main­tainerKarl Berry
Torsten Martin­sen (in­ac­tive)
Ge­orge Green­wade (in­ac­tive)
Stephen Gil­more (in­ac­tive)
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