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Claudio Beccari

Babel support for Piedmontese
Babel support for Latin
Capital A and capital R ligature for Aspect Ratio
Capital A and capital R ligature for Aspect Ratio
Coptic fonts and LaTeX macros for general usage and for philology
Create canonical page layouts with memoir
Test the consistency of the Italian personal Fiscal Code
Complete set of Greek fonts
Extensions for package pict2e
Typesetting Ecclesiastic Latin
Allow hyphenation of partially-emphasised substrings
A package for producing multiple indexes
Hyphenation patterns for the Italian language
Set of slide fonts based on CM
Latin language definition for Babel
Hyphenation patterns for the Latin language
Philological typesetting of classical Greek
An environment for typesetting tables of specified width
Babel support for Italian text
Babel/Polyglossia support for the Romansh language
Babel/Polyglossia support for Friulan(Furlan)
LaTeX font description files for the CB Greek fonts
Bundle of files for typsetting theses
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