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Javier Bezos

Multiple mathematical accents
Frontmatter with arabic page numbers
Tools for dealing with Babel annoyances
Multilingual support for Plain TeX or LaTeX
Packages by Javier Bezos
Extend "improperly closed environment" messages
Provides dotless i's and j's for use in any math font
Typset index entries in Spanish documents
Control layout of itemize, enumerate, description
Mac AppleScript tool for viewing figures generated with
An introduction to font usage in LaTeX (German)
Fix magnification in PDFTeX
Guarani support
Create glossaries using BibTeX
Standard hyphenation rules for Spanish
A multilingual system for Lamed
A fancy means of underlining
Multifile documents
Typeset tensors
Select alternative section titles
A class for the journal of CervanTeX
Page style control
Description of fonts for TeX, in Spanish
Alternative headings for toc/lof/lot
Babel support for Spanish
Babel support for Turkish documents
Spanish in Babel
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