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Direc­tory tex-archive/biblio/bibtex/contrib/other

The files in this directory were left after a concerted effort to move
.bst (and similar) files from biblio/bibtex/contrib to directories "of
their own" or to biblio/bibtex/contrib/misc

These files seem all to be minor variations of similarly-named files
in other areas of the biblio/bibtex/contrib tree


Name Size Date Notes
README 306 2006-06-12 22:52
phjcp.bst 60980 1992-07-20 02:00
phyjabb.bib 2122 1992-07-20 02:00
phyjabb.btx 2246 1992-07-20 02:00
phyjfull.btx 2874 1992-07-20 02:00
physics.btx 92549 1992-07-20 02:00
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