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Copyright (c) 2006, Mael Hillereau.
cxBib performs addition of alphabetical headers into BibTeX '.bbl' files.

This program is released under the GNU General Public Licence  (see file
'GPL.TXT' for details).

Type 'alphabib -h' for usage.

See the user manual (file 'alphabib.pdf') for more information.

Send bug reports to mael.hillereau at free dot fr.


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Make­file 213 2006-05-14 03:48
README 356 2006-05-14 02:57
al­phabib 9774 2006-05-14 04:17
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al­phabib – Add al­pha­bet­i­cal head­ers into ci­ta­tions

Al­phaBib is a bash script that adds al­pha­bet­i­cal head­ers into BibTeX bib­li­ogra­phies; such head­ers can as­sist search­ing in a large list of ci­ta­tions. Al­phaBib takes a bib­li­og­ra­phy pro­duced by BibTeX (the .bbl file), and cre­ates a new file with the al­pha­betic head­ers in­serted.

Pack­age De­tailsal­phabib
Li­censeGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainerMael Hil­lĂ©reau
Con­tained inMiKTeX as al­phabib
Topics BibTeX ci­ta­tion sup­port
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