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Direc­tory tex-archive/dviware/dvichk

This is the alpha-testing release of DVIChk, an utility to display the
page numbers of a `.dvi' resp., `.log' file created by the TeX formatter.

This is the C port of the Pascal program by the same name created by
Thomas Esken <>.

You can get the original (PC version with Turbo-Pascal source) via anonymous
FTP from the CTAN TeX-archive <CTAN:/tex-archive/dviware/dvichk/>.

Changes against the Turbo-Pascal PC version:
I took out the file wildcarding option forever.

How to Install:
UNIX system:        Simply run the `configure' script and after its run,
                    simply type `make install' for installing all necessary
                    targets, resp., type `make help' for an overview of all
                    build-related targets available.

MS/PC-DOS systems:  Copy `./systems/msdos/makefile.bcc' to `./src/Makefile'
                    and copy `./lib/getopt*' to `./src'.  Well, maybe you want
                    to edit the `./src/Makefile' so it reflects your local
                    environment?!  However, simply change to the file
                    directory `./src', then type `make' to create the
                    binary DVIChk program.

Copyright Notes:
All files of this distribution are either
Copyright (C) by the Free Software Foundation Inc., or
Copyright (C) by Thomas Esken <> under
the Copyright notice leading each file for further details.


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