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Make­file 391 1991-12-05 01:00
aux­il­iary.c 15650 1990-10-02 01:00
com­mands.h 1430 1990-10-02 01:00
doc 2705 1990-10-02 01:00
global.h 1885 1990-10-02 01:00
io.c 12326 1990-10-02 01:00
ivd2dvi.1 2743 1991-12-05 01:00
ivd2dvi.c 33440 1990-10-02 01:00
ivd2dvi.readme 400 1991-12-05 01:00
make­file 406 1990-10-02 01:00

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ivd2dvi – Con­vert IVD-DVI files to DVI

The TeX ex­ten­sion TeX-XeT (sin­gle hy­phen: not to be con­fused with TeX--XeT) pro­duces ‘IVD-DVI’ files which ex­tend DVI files with ‘re­flec­tion’ com­mands for hor­i­zon­tal re­ver­sal of text. In gen­eral, IVD-DVI files can­not be pro­cessed by an or­di­nary DVI pro­ces­sor; ivd2dvi will con­vert such a file to DVI so that it can be pro­cessed by a nor­mal DVI driver.

Pack­age De­tailsivd2dvi
Li­censeFree li­cense not oth­er­wise listed, or more than one free li­cense ap­plies
Copy­right1988 Larry De­nen­berg
Main­tainerLarry De­nen­berg
Topics DVI pro­ces­sor
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