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The upgraded ln03 driver has been contributed by Matt Thomas.  It will
be found in the sub-directory thomas.  It is set up to use
pk fonts.  Note the inverted name ln03dvi for this driver.
The function is still the same.  dvi-->ln03 output.

Some write-white fonts are provided in cmfonts/gf/gf300w.
There were set for a Ricoh 4080, and may not be quite right
for the ln03.  They will still be an improvement on write-black
fonts.  At some time in the future all fonts will be sent
out in PK format, but if you find only gf format in cmfonts/gf/gf300w
you will have to compile and run gftopk (from MFware).
You can make up other fonts using METAFONT.  Look at the
RicohFortyEighty mode_def in (utilityfonts/bases)
make a copy of this into your own mode_def file, and
reset the parameters as necessary.  There is a good deal 
of discussion and guidance in recent editions of TUGboat
(volumes 8 and 9, passim).  Remember to include the line
input white_setup
in your mode_def file, (see the comments in

The amsfonts may not be entirely satisfactory,
but they are the product of old Metafont79 and are not subject to
the same adjustments as newer fonts.  Even a WRITE-WHITE base may
not be entirely satisfactory.  THe nicks come out very blunt on
some characters, and pixel editing may be necessary in the long


Name Notes
rmcs DVI out­put to Dig­i­tal LN03 printer
rose LN03 driver based on DVI­type
thomas DVI to LN03 driver


Name Size Date Notes
readme 1341 1990-10-02 01:00
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