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This is the README for the cabin package, version 2013-07-20.

This package provides LaTeX, pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX support for
the Cabin and Cabin Condensed families of sans serif fonts, designed by 
Pablo Impallari.

Cabin is a humanist sans with four weights and true italics and small
capitals. According to the designer, Cabin was inspired by Edward
Johnston's and Eric Gill's typefaces, with a touch of modernism. Cabin
incorporates modern proportions, optical adjustments, and some elements
of the geometric sans. A compatible condensed family CabinCondensed is
also available.

To install this package on a TDS-compliant TeX system unzip the file
tex-archive/install/fonts/cabin.tds.zip at the root of an appropriate
texmf tree, likely a personal or local tree. If necessary, update
the file-name database (e.g., texhash). Update the font-map files by
enabling the Map file cabin.map.

To use, add


to the preamble of your document. This makes Cabin the default sans
family. To also set Cabin as the main text font, use


LuaLaTeX and xeLaTeX users who might prefer type1 fonts or who wish
to avoid fontspec may use the type1 option.

Other options include:



These are now implemented by defining macros recognized by commands
defined in package mweights (without re-defining \bfdefault or


Defaults are regular and bold (uncondensed). 

Available shapes in all series include:

it              italic
sc              small caps
scit            italic small caps

Options scaled=<number> or scale=<number> may be used to adjust
fontsizes to match a serifed font.

Slanted variants are not supported; the designed italic variants will
be automatically substituted. However, there are currently no italic
versions of the condensed variants and so artificially slanted versions
have been generated and treated as if they were italic. The only figure
style supported is tabular-lining. Font encodings supported are OT1, T1,
LY1 and TS1.

Macros \cabin and \cabincondensed select the Cabin and CabinCondensed
font family, respectively.

The original fonts are available at http://www.google.com/webfonts and
are licensed under the SIL Open Font License, (version 1.1); the text
may be found in the doc directory. The opentype and type1 versions were
created using fontforge. The support files were created using autoinst
and are licensed under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License.
The maintainer of this package is Bob Tennent (rdt at cs.queensu.ca)


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