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                 |             DINGBAT:            |
                 |A LaTeX interface to the ark10.mf|
                 |   and dingbat.mf symbol fonts   |
                 |                                 |
                 |  By Scott Pakin, pakin@uiuc.edu |


There's nothing special about building dingbat:

    latex dingbat.ins     <== Generate dingbat.sty
    latex dingbat.dtx     <== Produce the documentation (dingbat.dvi)
    makeindex -s gind.ist dingbat    <== Generate an index
    latex dingbat.dtx     <== Incorporate the index into the document

If you're new to this, see
http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=instpackages for more
information on installing packages.

Copyright and license
Copyright (C) 2001 Scott Pakin, pakin@uiuc.edu

This package may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions
of the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.2 of this
license or (at your option) any later version.  The latest version of
this license is in:


and version 1.2 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version
1999/12/01 or later.


Name Size Date Notes
README 1284 2001-04-27 20:30
ark10.mf 14398 1993-02-28 01:00
ding­bat.dtx 10472 2001-04-27 20:25
ding­bat.ins 1884 2001-04-26 20:03
ding­bat.mf 19583 1991-04-22 02:00
ding­bat.pdf 130376 2001-04-27 20:25
ding­bat.tex 1760 1993-02-28 01:00

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (118.8k).

ding­bat – Two ding­bat sym­bol fonts

The fonts (ark10 and ding­bat) are spec­i­fied in ; sup­port macros are pro­vided for use in LaTeX.

An Adobe Type 1 ver­sion of the fonts is avail­able in the nice­frame fonts bun­dle.

Pack­age De­tailsding­bat
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainerDoug Hen­der­son
Scott Pakin
Con­tained inTeX Live as ding­bat
MiKTeX as ding­bat
Topics fonts them­selves
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