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This document is copyright 2009 by Donald P. Goodman, and is
released publicly under the LaTeX Project Public License.  The
distribution and modification of this work is constrained by the
conditions of that license.  See
for the text of the license.  This document is released
under version 1.3 of that license, and this work may be distributed
or modified under the terms of that license or, at your option, any
later version.

This work has the LPPL maintenance status 'maintained'.

The Current Maintainer of this work is Donald P. Goodman

This work consists of the files listed in

dozenal provides macros and characters in a variety of
styles and sizes, designed to blend with the Computer Modern
family, for typesetting dozenal documents.  It employs the
\basexii algorithm by David Kastrup.

This document should run properly on any properly running LaTeX
system.  It's been tested specifically with TeXLive on Linux (2.6.2


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (593.9k).

dozenal – Type­set doc­u­ments us­ing base twelve num­ber­ing (also called "dozenal")

The pack­age sup­ports type­set­ting doc­u­ments whose coun­ters are rep­re­sented in base twelve, also called “dozenal”. It in­cludes a macro by David Kas­trup for con­vert­ing pos­i­tive whole num­bers to dozenal from dec­i­mal (base ten) rep­re­sen­ta­tion. The pack­age also in­cludes a few other macros and re­de­fines all the stan­dard coun­ters to pro­duce dozenal out­put.

Fonts, in Ro­man, italic, slanted, and bold­face ver­sions, pro­vide ten and eleven (the Pit­man char­ac­ters pre­ferred by the Dozenal So­ci­ety of Great Bri­tain). The fonts were de­signed to blend well with the Com­puter Modern fonts, and are avail­able both as source and in Adobe Type 1 for­mat.

Pack­age De­tailsdozenal
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Main­tainerDon­ald P. Good­man
Con­tained inTeX Live as dozenal
MiKTeX as dozenal
Topics fonts them­selves
fonts with spe­cific small ap­pli­ca­tion ar­eas
font avail­able in Adobe Type 1 for­mat
fonts dis­tributed as source
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