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=>  dieser Text in deutscher Sprache:   Datei `liesmich'  <=

*        The EUROPEAN CONCRETE family of fonts             *
*                                                          *
*                    version 1.0                           *
*                                                          *
*                     1998/11/14                           *

What's new?
As with this version 1.0, a few bugs concerning the design
parameters have been fixed, and the fonts match their OT1
and mathematical counterparts now.  Unfortunately this
resulted in changes to the font metrics.


`European Concrete' is an implementation of Donald
Knuth's Comcrete fonts, providing T1 text fonts and TS1
text companion fonts.

The subdirectory src contains the following METAFONT

conc??pt, coni10pt               common design parameters       EC roman medium    5pt                          6pt                          7pt                          8pt                          9pt                        10pt       EC slanted         9pt                        10pt      EC small capitals 10pt      EC text italic    10pt       TC roman medium    5pt                          6pt                          7pt                          8pt                          9pt                        10pt       TC slanted         9pt                        10pt      TC italic         10pt    TC Sans Serif demibold condensed 10pt

The naming scheme corresponds to J. Knappen's EC fonts:
  eo.. = textfont, T1 encoding
  to.. = text companion font, TS1 encoding

The subdirectory tfm contains tfm files for all fonts listed

Further files:

readme          the file you are reading now
liesmich        the german version of `readme'

Installing the fonts

The files from the subdirectory `src' must be moved to a
directory where METAFONT searches for its input files.  The
files from the subdirectory `tfm' must be moved to a
directory where TeX/LaTeX searches for font metrics.  In
order to generate the bitmap fonts, METAFONT sources of the
EC fonts, version 1.0 or later, are also required.

The Concrete fonts are lacking a bold variant.  It is
recommended to use `CM sansserif demibold condensed'
(cmssdc10, ecssdc10) as a substitute.  The related text
companion font tcssdc10 is, however, not distributed as part
of EV 1.0.  That's why I have provided it here.

Known bugs and deficiencies

There are no T1/TS1 versions of the `grafitti' font ccslc9.

Future changes and additions

The EC Concrete fonts will reflect all future changes and
additions to J. Knappen's EC(-Modern) distribution.

Comments, bug reports and suggestions 

... are welcome and should be addressed to the author:

Walter Schmidt <>

-- finis


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liesmich 3975 1999-07-07 12:23
readme 3240 1999-07-07 12:22

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (63.1k).

ecc – Sources for the Euro­pean Con­crete fonts

The sources and TFM files of the Euro­pean Con­crete Fonts. This is the T1-en­coded ex­ten­sion of Knuth's Con­crete fonts, in­clud­ing also the cor­re­spond­ing text com­pan­ion fonts.

Adobe Type 1 ver­sions of the fonts are avail­able as part of the cm-su­per font bun­dle.

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