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Genealogy symbols in METAFONT

Files in this distribution:

  drgen10.mf  % the mf driver file
  drgen10.tfm % tfm file for TeX
  drgen.mf    % the mf character definitions
  testgen.tex % a test file
  README      % this file
  licence.txt % licence conditions

The MF files in this distribution are a simple compilation 
of the genealogical symbols found in the `wasy' and `gen' font. 
Actually, all I have done was to add the male and female symbols 
to Knuth's `gen' font. Thus, it avoids loading two fonts 
when you need only genealogical symbols.

Hope this is helpful to somebody.

Denis Roegel, May 30, 1996. (updated March 2, 1999)


Name Size Date Notes
README 692 1999-03-02 01:00
dr­gen.mf 4828 1999-03-02 01:00
dr­gen10.mf 466 1999-03-02 01:00
dr­gen10.tfm 524 1999-03-02 01:00
li­cence.txt 268 1999-03-02 01:00
test­gen.tex 537 1999-03-02 01:00

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ge­neal­ogy – A com­pi­la­tion ge­neal­ogy font

A sim­ple com­pi­la­tion of the ge­nealog­i­cal sym­bols found in the wasy and gen fonts, adding the male and fe­male sym­bols to Knuth’s ‘gen’ font, and so avoid­ing load­ing two fonts when you need only ge­nealog­i­cal sym­bols.

The font is dis­tributed as source.

Pack­age De­tailsge­neal­ogy
Ver­sion 1999-03-02
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainerDe­nis B. Roegel
Con­tained inTeX Live as ge­neal­ogy
MiKTeX as ge­neal­ogy
Topics fonts that pro­vide col­lec­tions of sym­bols
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