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To: Damian.Cugley@uk.ac.oxford.prg, lac@uk.ac.soton.ecs
Subject:    malvern meets the NFSS
Date:       13 Aug 1992 15:37:07 GMT
From: spqr@uk.ac.york.minster

I append a uuencoded tar Z archive with my preliminary attempts at
using Malvern in my daily LaTeX, with the NFSS and old TeX layout.
There is a malvern.sty which describes the fonts, a set of .tfm files
in TeX layout, and my copy of MakeTeXPK which builds Malvern fonts on
demand. Its written in Rexx, as I did all this at home under OS/2, but
it may amuse you.

If its not obvious, I havent digested the lessons of Malvern or got
into the TeX side of it. I haven't even read half Damian's
documentation. I just wanted to get pages off the printer to see
whether I want to use the font for a job. I'm quite convinced, I
admit. There is a certain je ne sais wotsit there.



Name Size Date Notes
README 842 1992-08-13 02:00
make­t­expk.cmd 9397 1992-08-12 02:00
mal­tex.mf 216 1992-08-12 02:00
malvern.sty 2600 1992-08-12 02:00
test.tex 5224 1992-08-13 02:00
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