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This is the 0readme file for mt11p.


ABSTRACT: mt11p is a package to use the MathTime and MathTimePLUS
(``MathTime complete'') fonts in LaTeX2e. Everything is included,
incl. (patched) font metrics, except, of course,
the Type1 fonts themselves.

The package cooperates with the AMS packages (amsmath, amssymb, etc.)
T1 and OT1 encodings (as operators fonts!) are fully supported.
It does not assume you own any other commercial (non-resident) fonts.

This package has no connection with the ``mathtime'' package
by Frank Mittelbach & David Carlisle, commissioned by Y&Y.

AUTHOR: Drahoslav L�m  DrahoslavL@seznam.cz
(Bug and usage reports welcome.)

This software was written as a personal project and comes
with NO WARRANTY of any kind, not even MERCHANTABILITY or
The author assumes no responsibility for any use.

Copyright (C) 1997,2002 Drahoslav L�m
See licensing conditions below.

0readme:     this file
mt11p.dtx:   the documented source
mt11p.ins:   docstrip driver to generate mt11p.drv and mt11p.sty
mt11p.ps:    formatted commented source code (postscript).
             Can be regenerated from mt11p.dtx
mt11p.map:   map file for the dvi driver
test11p.tex: demo file
test11p.ps:  formatted demo file (postscript, bitmaps, not outlines)
             Can be regenerated from test11p.tex if you own Y&Y fonts.
tfm:         directory with TFMs. Contains:
             mtex.tfm mtexb.tfm mtexh.tfm mtgu.tfm
             mtgub.tfm mtmi.tfm mtmib.tfm mtmih.tfm
             mtms.tfm mtmsb.tfm mtmu.tfm mtmub.tfm
             mtmuh.tfm mtsyb.tfm mtsyh.tfm mtsyn.tfm
             rmtmi.tfm rmtmib.tfm rmtmih.tfm rmtmub.tfm

vf:          directory with VFs. Contains:
             mtmi.vf mtmib.vf mtmih.vf mtmu.vf
             mtmub.vf mtmuh.vf

[TFMs and VFs are binary, the rest is ascii.]


 INSTALLATION GUIDE: (see commented source for more)

 Run LaTeX on the dtx file to generate the documentation.

 Run TeX on mt11p.ins to generate the style file mt11p.sty.
 Run latex on mt11p.drv to get documentation with commented source code.

 Copy mt11p.sty to the TeX input file area.

 Copy the PFA or PFB files from the Y&Y distribution
 diskettes to the appropriate area on your system.
 Edit mt11p.map, and/or rename/convert the Type1 font
 files so that the data in the map file and the actual file names
 are consistent.

 Copy the TFMs and VFs into the appropriate areas on your system.
 Pass the information in mt11p.map to your dvi driver, e.g.,
 append it to psfonts.map. Note that the TFM files are not
 identical to the ones on the Y&Y floppies.

 NOTE: The VFs assume the 8r-base version of PSNFSS is available.


Copyright 1997, 2002 Drahoslav L�m

This program may be distributed and/or modified under the
conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.2
of this license or (at your option) any later version.
The latest version of this license is in
and version 1.2 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX 
version 1999/12/01 or later.

This program consists of the following files:
  0readme (this file)
  mt11p.ps (formatted documentation)
  the binary tfm files:: mtex.tfm mtexb.tfm mtexh.tfm mtgu.tfm
               mtgub.tfm mtmi.tfm mtmib.tfm mtmih.tfm
               mtms.tfm mtmsb.tfm mtmu.tfm mtmub.tfm
               mtmuh.tfm mtsyb.tfm mtsyh.tfm mtsyn.tfm
               rmtmi.tfm rmtmib.tfm rmtmih.tfm rmtmub.tfm

  the binary vf files: mtmi.vf mtmib.vf mtmih.vf mtmu.vf
               mtmub.vf mtmuh.vf


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test11p.ps 458664 2002-04-08 15:27
test11p.tex 14279 1997-02-01 01:00

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (500.6k).

mt11p – Use MathTime com­plete un­der LaTeX

A pack­age to use the MathTime and MathTimePLUS (“MathTime com­plete”) fonts, as dis­tributed by Y&Y, inc, in LaTeX2ε. Every­thing is in­cluded, in­clud­ing (patched) font met­rics, ex­cept, of course, the Type 1 fonts them­selves. The pack­age co­op­er­ates with the AMS pack­ages (ams­math, amssymb, etc.); T1 and OT1 en­cod­ings (as op­er­a­tor fonts) are fully sup­ported. The pack­age does not as­sume you own any other com­mer­cial (non-printer-res­i­dent) fonts.

This pack­age has no con­nec­tion with the math­time pack­age by Frank Mit­tel­bach and David Carlisle, com­mis­sioned by Y&Y. Fur­ther­more, there is no guar­an­tee that the pack­age will work with the “MathTime Pro” fonts dis­tributed by Per­sonal TeX Inc (which have su­per­seded the Y&Y dis­tri­bu­tion).

Pack­age De­tailsmt11p
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainerDra­hoslav Lím
Con­tained inMiKTeX as math­time
Topics met­rics, macro in­can­ta­tions and other sup­port for maths fonts
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