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[This is makefonts release 2.0, 07 Nov 1999]

Although contemporary TeX-systems support automatic generation of tfm and pk
files from metafont sources, which is a very convenient feature indeed, I still
prefer to have a set of basic fonts already on a system. I find this useful in
a server-client environment where I do not want to make the texmf tree
writable, and where I would like to avoid fonts being generated in /tmp/ on
each individual client.

This package contains a set of Unix shell scripts which generate a LaTeX
document and run dvips on it, causing all fonts used to be generated. Files are
derived from a script called allcm, which may have come from teTeX (there is no
author in there), and which is not on CTAN. allcm misses some fonts, so I
include it for convenience/reference, but make_cm should be used instead.

The files in the distribution are:

 00previous	The previous makefonts distribution. Not all scripts have been
                converted, so the info therein might still be useful.
 README		This file
 allcm		As I got it
 allec -> allcm As I got it

 make_ams		AMS symbol and euler
 make_cm		cm
 make_cm -ec		cm with T1 encoding (ec fonts)
 make_concrete -ec	cc with T1 encoding
 make_gothic		gothic type fonts - not finished yet
 make_latex		latex
 make_mflogo		metafont/metapost logo
 make_pandora		pandora
 make_rsfs		rsfs (uppercase script)
 make_slitex		latex slide
 make_stmaryrd		stmaryrd (a symbol font)
 make_wasy		wasy (a symbol font)

	Volker Kuhlmann
	University of Canterbury
	Dept of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
	Private Bag
	Christchurch, New Zealand

	Email: v.kuhlmann@elec.canterbury.ac.nz


This material is not copyrighted. It is provided with the hope that it will be
useful. Any feedback (positive, negative, constructive preferred) is

Have fun, and good luck!



Name Notes


Name Size Date Notes
README 1970 1999-11-07 02:30
allcm 3212 1999-09-10 04:47
al­lec 3212 1999-09-10 04:47
make_ams 4116 1999-11-06 09:34
make_cm 4120 1999-11-05 08:00
make_con­crete 3965 1999-11-05 02:38
make_gothic 4078 1999-11-07 01:44
make_la­tex 4339 1999-11-05 01:30
4073 1999-11-07 02:27
make_pan­dora 3989 1999-11-05 04:25
make_rsfs 4335 1999-11-05 01:36
make_sli­tex 4328 1999-11-05 01:29
make_stmaryrd 4310 1999-11-04 11:50
make_wasy 4256 1999-11-04 11:23

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (39.8k).

make­fonts – Shell scripts to gen­er­ate bitmaps from sources

This pack­age con­tains shell scripts which gen­er­ate PK files, based on the long-es­tab­lished script allcm.

Modern TeX dis­tri­bu­tions use Adobe Type 1 fonts for pref­er­ence (if they al­low bitmap forms at all), and will gen­er­ate such bitmap fonts as are needed on-the-fly. Th­ese scripts are there­fore most use­ful to those who have a prin­ci­pled ob­jec­tion to the use of out­line fonts (or to the de­sign of those avail­able).

Pack­age De­tailsmake­fonts
Li­censePublic Do­main Soft­ware
Main­tainerVolker Kuhlmann
Topics sup­port for font de­vel­op­ment, test­ing and char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion
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