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Direc­tory tex-archive/fonts/utilities/mkpkfontdir/misc

This directory contains:

  - A startup texmf.cnf.in for kpathsea (based on 2.6's), supporting
    two font hierarchies.

  - A sample MakeTeXPK.in replacement for web2c's one that uses
    mkpkfontdir to move generated fonts, or can also generate fonts in
    the right TDS locations (I least I hope it is correct for all kind
    of fonts; tested only wit mf and gsftopk output).

Yves Arrouye <Yves.Arrouye@imag.fr>, 1995


Name Size Date Notes
MakeTeXPK.in 12610 1995-07-25 02:00
README 426 1995-07-25 02:00
texmf.cnf.in 5531 1995-07-25 02:00
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