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Direc­tory tex-archive/graphics/MF-PS/progs

This file belongs to the MFTOEPS package.

The directory PROGS contains the following files:
  0PROGS.DOC    this file
  E2M.BAT       canonical DOS batch file for converting EPS files to
                MF ones; uses AWK
  M2E.BAT       canonical DOS batch file for generating EPS files; uses AWK
  M2E-ALT.BAT   alternative DOS batch file for generating EPS files; uses TeX
  SPLITEPS.AWK  AWK program used by M2E.BAT
  SPLITEPS.TEX  TeX program used by M2E-ALT.BAT
  TEX.BAT       sample DOS batch file calling TeX used by M2E-ALT.BAT

Some of these files may require adjustments to the needs
of a particular system.

You are entitled to do with these files whatever you wish. If you alter
a file, however, please remove the line containing the comment:

      `This file belongs to the MFTOEPS package.'

in order to avoid mess.




Name Size Date Notes
0progs.doc 940 1998-01-28 01:00:00
940 1998-01-28 01:00:00 ==> /graph­ics/MF-PS/progs/0progs.doc
e2m.bat 300 1998-01-28 01:00:00
m2e-alt.bat 774 1998-01-28 01:00:00
m2e.bat 595 1998-01-28 01:00:00
spliteps.awk 236 1998-01-28 01:00:00
spliteps.tex 2313 1998-01-28 01:00:00
tex.bat 178 1998-01-28 01:00:00
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