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This file belongs to the ROEX package.


The directory ROEXSAMP contains this file (0ROEXSAM.DOC) and 14 examples
of using ROEX with the MFTOEPS package.

WARNING: processing some of the files may last a while; in braces are
shown computing times for mf386 (version 2.71 [3c-beta5]) run on 486 Intel PC
with 66MHz clock.

   ES-01.MF, ``SQUARE'' (3 seconds):
               A trivial example, expanding stroke applied to a square.
   ES-02.MF, ``PARALLELOGRAM'' (4 seconds):
               Another trivial example: expanding stroke applied
               to a parallelogram.
   ES-03.MF, ``COGWHEEL'' (7 seconds):
               Expanding stroke applied to a somewhat complex object.
   RO-01.MF, ``PROPELLER'' (14 seconds):
               Removing overlaps applied to a circle and three rectangles;
               rectangles are positively oriented, circle is negatively
               oriented and has weight |2|.
   RO-02.MF, ``ENCIRCLED CROSS 1'' (4 seconds):
               Removing overlaps applied to a positively oriented circle
               and two negatively oriented rectangles.
   RO-03.MF, ``ENCIRCLED CROSS 2'' (4 seconds):
               An example very similar to RO-02.MF; removing overlaps applied
               to a negatively oriented circle and two positively oriented
               rectangles, background colour is set to |1| (default is |0|).
   RO-04.MF, ``EOFILL'' (30 seconds):
               Removing overlaps performed in two stages; emulates
               even-odd filling rule
   RO-05.MF, ``GERBERA'' (3 minutes, 51 seconds):
               Areas covered a specified number of times are collected
               separately using the macro |recombine_edges| (performing
               the last step of removing overlaps), and each area is painted
               with a different colour, yielding a gerbera-like form.
   RO-06.MF, ``EL PALO ALTO TREE'' (57 seconds):
               A tough example (see remarks in the code) excerpted from
               The \MF{}book, pages 124 thru 126.
   RO-07.MF, ``LOGO OF JOURNAL OF ALGORITHMS'' (28 seconds):
               Another example excerpted from The \MF{}book,
               pages 137 thru 139.
 ROES-01.MF, ``SUN'' (55 seconds):
               An example making use of both expanding stroke
               and removing overlaps.
 ROES-02.MF, ``DOORMAT'' (1 minute, 34 seconds):
               Another example making use of both expanding stroke
               and removing overlaps;
 ROES-03.MF, ``OLYMPIC CIRCLES'' (1 minute, 1 second):
               Yet another example making use of both expanding
               stroke and removing overlaps; it also demonstrates
               repositioning of the picture in such a way that the lower
               left corner of the bounding box coincides with the origin
               of coordinate system.
 ROES-04.MF, ``STAR FLOWERS'' (3 minutes, 4 seconds):
               An example of removing overlaps of a single
               self-intersecting curve; three EPS files are generated.

You are entitled to do with these files whatever you wish.
If you alter a file, however, please remove the comment line:

     `This file belongs to the ROEX package.'

in order to avoid mess.




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es-03.mf 1051 1998-01-28 01:00
ro-01.mf 802 1998-01-28 01:00
ro-02.mf 914 1998-01-28 01:00
ro-03.mf 1025 1998-01-28 01:00
ro-04.mf 1805 1998-01-28 01:00
ro-05.mf 1442 1998-01-28 01:00
ro-06.mf 5505 1998-01-28 01:00
ro-07.mf 3871 1998-01-28 01:00
roes-01.mf 1132 1998-01-28 01:00
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roes-03.mf 1705 1998-01-28 01:00
roes-04.mf 3164 1998-01-28 01:00
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