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There are two filters in this package which are based on the Roland
plotter command set.

1. DXY: A simple command set which is used with all DXY plotters

2. RD-GL: This command set is a superset of the HP (Hewlet Packard)
   graphics language.

Not all the commands of DXY or RD-GL (HPGL) are implemented (approx 95%
are) and those commands that are not are skipped and a warning given.
It is very easy to add to this filter if a particular unimplemented
command is desired.

If you wish to implement a command go to the relevant portion in the
command switch "dxycom.c" or "hpglcom.c" and call an appropriate user
written procedure.  (You will need a good knowledge of writing
PostScript programs)

The filters use the the procedure "getopt" which is used to interpret
command line options and arguments and is normally available on 4.3 bsd
and Sys V Unix. For those sites running 4.1 or 4.2 it may be available
as a local library and must be written into the Makefile.


NOTE 1: The method of writing text is not fully compatible with HPGL
and will be changed at a later date.

NOTE 2: The PostScript macros are written into a C procedure to allow
each filter to be a single stand alone program. These macros can easily
be incorporated into other filter programs.

I have written some test procedures for the testing of each filter they
are "test1.hpgl" for hpgl2ps and "test1.dxy" for dxy2ps.

Don McCormick.


Name Size Date Notes
Make­file 1003 1992-09-27 02:00
README 1522 1992-09-27 02:00
chan­ge­sizes.c 1599 1992-09-27 02:00
cir­cle.c 1875 1992-09-27 02:00
defn.h 2269 1992-09-27 02:00
dxy2ps.c 1627 1992-09-27 02:00
dxy2ps.man 2785 1992-09-27 02:00
dxy­com.c 2314 1992-09-27 02:00
end_draw.c 192 1992-09-27 02:00
foo.ps 5150 1992-09-27 02:00
get­val.c 752 1992-09-27 02:00
hpgl2ps.c 1581 1992-09-27 02:00
hpgl2ps.man 2601 1992-09-27 02:00
hpglcom.c 11438 1992-09-27 02:00
line­size.c 262 1992-09-27 02:00
line­type.c 2718 1992-09-27 02:00
man­u­alfeed.c 585 1992-09-27 02:00
plot­co­ords.c 819 1992-09-27 02:00
plot­dot.c 677 1992-09-27 02:00
plo­tinit.c 1191 1992-09-27 02:00
plotps.c 1225 1992-09-27 02:00
ps_macros.c 4607 1992-09-27 02:00
rect­an­gle.c 663 1992-09-27 02:00
test1.dxy 255 1992-09-27 02:00
test1.hpgl 1095 1992-09-27 02:00
textps.c 1940 1992-09-27 02:00
view­port.c 1133 1992-09-27 02:00

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (21.3k).

hpgl2ps – Trans­late HPGL to PostScript

An an­cient con­verter, which cov­ers (most of) the lan­guage of DXY plot­ters, and RD-GL for­mat (a su­per­set of HPGL at the time the pro­gram was writ­ten). The con­verter doesn't cover all of the re­spec­tive lan­guages, but warns about things it doesn't un­der­stand.

Pack­age De­tailshpgl2ps
Ver­sion 1992-09-27
Li­censeUn­known Sta­tus, No In­for­ma­tion Avail­able
Main­tainerDoc McCormick
Topics con­vert a for­eign graph­ics for­mat for use with TeX
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