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PXpgfmark Package

LaTeX: to make inter-picture connections work with e-pTeX engine

PGF/TikZ's feature of “inter-picture connections” 
(`remember picture` option) depends on the “save position” feature
of pdfTeX. Today the latter feature is also supported by XeTeX
and e-(u)pTeX engines. Unfortunately, PGF's driver for dvipdfmx
relies on testing on engine (not feature) and thus inter-picture
connections still fail on e-pTeX + dvipdfmx. This package fixes
the problem.

### Installation

  - `*.sty` → $TEXMF/tex/latex/PXpgfmark

### Usage

Load this package after tikz (or pgf) package.

    \usepackage{tikz} % or pgf

Note that this package is of no use unless you work on e-(u)pTeX +
dvipdfmx combination.

Revision History

  * Version 0.1 <2013/02/18>
      - The first public version.

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR")  


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (2.1k).

pxpgf­mark – e-pTeX driver for PGF in­ter-pic­ture con­nec­tions

The dis­tributed drivers do not sup­port the PGF fea­ture of “in­ter-pic­ture con­nec­tions” un­der e-pTeX and dvipdfmx.

The pack­age uses ex­ist­ing fea­tures of dvipdfmx to fix this prob­lem

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