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Name Notes
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dsp­tricks Macros for Dig­i­tal Sig­nal Pro­cess­ing plots
make­plot Easy plots from Mat­lab in LaTeX
nu­mer­ic­plots Plot nu­meric data (in­clud­ing Mat­lab ex­port) us­ing PSTricks
piechart Sim­ple pie-charts with PSTricks
ps­bao Draw Bao di­a­grams
psgo Type­set go di­a­grams with PSTricks
pst-2dplot A PSTricks pack­age for draw­ing 2D curves
pst-3d A PSTricks pack­age for tilt­ing and other pseudo-3D tricks
pst-3dplot Draw 3D ob­jects in par­al­lel pro­jec­tion, us­ing PSTricks
pst-ab­spos Put ob­jects at an ab­so­lute po­si­tion
pst-am Sim­u­la­tion of mod­u­la­tion and de­mod­u­la­tion
pst-asr Type­set au­toseg­men­tal rep­re­sen­ta­tions for lin­guists
pst-bar Pro­duces bar charts us­ing PSTricks
pst-bar­code Print bar­codes us­ing PostScript
pst-bezier Draw Bezier curves
pst-blur PSTricks pack­age for "blurred" shad­ows
pst-bspline Draw cu­bic Bs­pline curves and in­ter­po­la­tions
pst-cal­en­dar Plot cal­en­dars in "fancy" ways
pst-cie CIE color space
pst-circ PSTricks pack­age for draw­ing elec­tric cir­cuits
pst-coil A PSTricks pack­age for coils, etc
pst-cox Draw­ing reg­u­lar com­plex poly­topes with PSTricks
pst-dbi­cons Sup­port for draw­ing ER di­a­grams
pst-diffrac­tion Print diffrac­tion pat­terns from var­i­ous aper­tures
pst-elec­tric­field Draw elec­tric field and equipo­ten­tial lines with PSTricks
pst-eps Create EPS files from PSTricks fig­ures
pst-eucl Eu­clid­ian ge­om­e­try with PSTricks
pst-exa Type­set PSTricks ex­am­ples, with code
pst-fill Fill or tile ar­eas with PSTricks
pst-fit Macros for curve fit­ting
pst-fr3d Draw 3-di­men­sional framed boxes us­ing PSTricks
pst-frac­tal Draw frac­tal sets us­ing PSTricks
pst-fun Draw "funny" ob­jects with PSTricks
pst-func PSTricks pack­age for plot­ting math­e­mat­i­cal func­tions
pst-gantt Draw GANTT charts with PSTricks
pst-geo Geo­graph­i­cal Pro­jec­tions
pst-gr3d Three di­men­sional grids with PSTricks
pst-grad Filling with colour gra­di­ents, us­ing PSTricks
pst-graph­icx A PSTricks-com­pat­i­ble graph­icx for use with Plain TeX
pst-in­fix­plot Us­ing PSTricks plot­ting ca­pac­i­ties with in­fix ex­pres­sions rather than RPN
pst-in­ter­sect Com­pute in­ter­sec­tions of ar­bi­trary curves
pst-jtree Type­set com­plex trees for lin­guists
pst-knot PSTricks pack­age for dis­play­ing knots
pst-labo Draw ob­jects for Chem­istry lab­o­ra­to­ries
pst-lay­out Page lay­out macros based on PSTricks pack­ages
pst-lens Lenses with PSTricks
pst-light3d Three di­men­sional light­ing ef­fects (PSTricks)
pst-mag­net­ic­field Plot­ting a mag­netic field with PSTricks
pst-math En­hance­ment of PostScript math op­er­a­tors to use with PSTricks
pst-mir­ror Images on a spher­i­cal mir­ror
pst-node Nodes and node con­nec­tions in PSTricks
pst-ob3d Three di­men­sional ob­jects us­ing PSTricks
pst-ode Solv­ing ini­tial value prob­lems for sets of Or­di­nary Dif­fer­en­tial Equa­tions
pst-op­t­exp Draw­ing op­ti­cal ex­per­i­men­tal se­tups
pst-op­tic Draw­ing op­tics di­a­grams
pst-osci Osc­gons with PSTricks
pst-ovl Create and man­age graph­i­cal over­lays
pst-pad Draw sim­ple at­tach­ment sys­tems with PSTricks
⇒ /macros/la­tex/con­trib/pst-pdf
pst-per­spec­tive Draw per­spec­tive views us­ing PSTricks
pst-pla­ton Pla­tonic solids in PSTricks
pst-plot Plot data us­ing PSTricks
pst-poly Poly­gons with PSTricks
pst-pul­ley Plot pul­leys, us­ing PSTricks
pst-qtree Sim­ple syn­tax for trees
pst-rubans Draw three-di­men­sional rib­bons
pst-sigsys Sup­port of sig­nal pro­cess­ing-re­lated dis­ci­plines
pst-slpe So­phis­ti­cated colour gra­di­ents
pst-so­larsys­tem Plot the so­lar sys­tem for a spe­cific date
pst-solides3d Draw per­spec­tive views of 3D solids
pst-soroban Draw a Soroban us­ing PSTricks
pst-spec­tra Draw con­tin­uum, emis­sion and ab­sorp­tion spec­tra with PSTricks
pst-spiro­graph Draw­ing hy­potro­choids as with a spiro­graph
pst-stru Civil en­gi­neer­ing di­a­grams, us­ing PSTricks
pst-text Text and char­ac­ter ma­nip­u­la­tion in PSTricks
pst-thick Draw­ing very thick lines and curves
pst-tools PSTricks sup­port func­tions
pst-tree Trees, us­ing PSTricks
pst-tvz Draw trees with more than one root node, us­ing PSTricks
pst-uml UML di­a­grams with PSTricks
pst-vec­to­rian Print­ing or­na­ments
pst-vue3d Draw per­spec­tive views of three di­men­sional ob­jects
⇒ /graph­ics/pstricks/scripts/pst2pdf
⇒ /info/pst­doc
pstricks-add A col­lec­tion of add-ons and bug­fixes for PSTricks
uml UML di­a­grams in LaTeX
vau­can­son-g PSTricks macros for draw­ing au­tomata
vo­cal­tract Visu­alise the vo­cal tract us­ing LaTeX and PSTricks


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