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These are the book and the practice files for a LaTeX introduction
that I gave several times at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

This is a getting-started style introduction, with pointers
to further resources, and with advice for getting a TeX system up
and running.


The master file, latexcourse_rug.tex, is suitable for screen
viewing, with pdf bookmarks and hyperlinks.

The pdf should print just fine. But if you do not want (colored)
hyperlinks or your setup has trouble with non-standard paper sizes,
then you can add a document option a4 or letter, e.g.:


The samples are already included as pdfs, with cropped margins where
appropriate. Therefore, you only have to compile latexcourse_rug
itself, with pdflatex and with a biber (not bibtex) run for
bibliographic references.


All sample sources are also included as pdfs.

- Most samples can be compiled with one or two runs of pdflatex.

- The font_* samples which use the fontspec package need xelatex or
  luatex and some system fonts.

- The bib[la]tex samples in the bibsamples directory naturally
  require a bibtex- or biber run.

- For cropping, I used epspdf with a -b option for cropping and
  sometimes a -p option for page selection. pdfcrop should do as
  well (not tested).

- Beamer_* and nobeamer samples do not need cropping.

The scripts subdirectory contains a bash script compile_samples
which does all this.


Compared to the original release from July 2014, there have been
some minor textual changes, mainly to de-emphasize the RUG
installation. Also, the book got a new, more compact layout.


Information on external software, screenshots and references have
been updated. Scripts for compiling samples and for packing for CTAN
have been added. Small changes in the samples and some rephrasings.


Copyright (C) 2014, 2015 Siep Kroonenberg

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.  This file is offered as-is,
without any warranty.

The sample- and practice files are released into the public domain.

Groningen, December 6 2015

Siep Kroonenberg, n_dot_s_dot_kroonenberg_at_rug_dot_nl


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la­tex­course-rug – A LaTeX course book

The pack­age pro­vides the book and prac­tice files for a LaTeX course that the au­thor has give sev­eral times at the Ri­jk­suni­ver­siteit Gronin­gen (Nether­lands).

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