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This package contains two fonts and a preprocessor to typeset the Syriac (Aramaic) language.
For more information please consult the documentation sertodoc.pdf

Copyright 2001-2013 (c) Johannes Heinecke
This Material is subjec to the LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3


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README 304 2013-04-06 11:15
as­syr.font 3161 2007-09-29 23:48
as­syr.sty 1694 2003-11-11 00:50
ex­am­ple.ptex 2478 2013-04-01 21:59
serto.font 3606 2013-04-01 01:30
serto.py 16600 2013-04-01 22:12
serto.sty 3857 2003-11-08 23:41
sertodoc.pdf 235739 2013-04-06 18:40
sertodoc.ptex 31005 2013-04-06 18:39
syr­iac.map 153 2013-04-01 17:16
syr­iac.sty 2380 2003-11-08 23:40
uassyr.fd 740 2003-11-11 00:50
userto.fd 744 2001-11-17 19:41

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (346.6k).

ara­maic-serto – Fonts and LaTeX for Syr­iac writ­ten in Serto

This pack­age en­ables (La)TeX users to type­set words or phrases (e-TeX ex­ten­sions are needed) in Syr­iac (Ara­maic) us­ing the Serto-al­pha­bet. The pack­age in­cludes a pre­pro­ces­sor writ­ten in Python (>= 1.5.2) in or­der to deal with right-to-left type­set­ting for those who do not want to use ela­tex and to choose the cor­rect let­ter de­pend­ing on word con­text (ini­tial/me­dial/fi­nal form). De­tailed doc­u­men­ta­tion and ex­am­ples are in­cluded.

Pack­age De­tailsara­maic-serto
Home pagehttp://hei­necke.pages­perso-or­ange.fr/serto/
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2001–2013 Jo­hannes Hei­necke
Main­tainerJo­hannes Hei­necke
Con­tained inTeX Live as ara­maic-serto
Topics fonts them­selves
fonts dis­tributed as source
font avail­able in Adobe Type 1 for­mat
fonts re­pro­duc­ing ar­chaic scripts or in­scrip­tions
See also aramaic
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