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CJK-ko package version 1.7 (2015/07/18)

This package supports typesetting of modern Korean documents with the help
of LaTeX2e CJK package written by Werner Lemberg. Unlike CJK package,
only UTF-8 input encoding is supported. This package however provides
some enhanced features focused on Korean typesetting culture, one of them
being allowing line-break between Latin and CJK characters.

Currently this package requires nanumtype1 package.


Please report any errors or suggestions to
    Dohyun Kim <nomos at ktug org>
or leave messages in the issue tracker at:


### GPL (Gnu General Public License):

These files are derivatives of CJK package or written by the author.

### LPPL (LaTeX Project Public License):

These files are copied or modified from ko.TeX package.

### Public domain:


See each file for more details.


### TeXinputs

    cjkutf8-ko.sty           -> tex/latex/cjk-ko/
    cjkutf8-josa.sty         -> tex/latex/cjk-ko/
    cjkutf8-nanummjhanja.sty -> tex/latex/cjk-ko/
    kotex.sty                -> tex/latex/cjk-ko/
    kolabels-utf.sty         -> tex/latex/cjk-ko/
    konames-utf.sty          -> tex/latex/cjk-ko/

### Documents

    cjk-ko-doc.tex           -> doc/latex/cjk-ko/
    cjk-ko-doc.pdf           -> doc/latex/cjk-ko/
    README                   -> doc/latex/cjk-ko/
    ChangeLog                -> doc/latex/cjk-ko/

Loading of the package



### package options

Option for kotex.sty.  If this option is not given and if kotexutf.sty
does exist, kotexutf package will be loaded instead.

Load Hangul captions. line/word spacing is adjusted as well.

Load Hanja captions. same as [hangul] option for line/word spacing.

Disable automatic Josa selection

Enable \dotemph command. CJKfntef.sty and CJKulem.sty will be loaded

CJK fonts will be used for Latin characters as well. Only Nanum T1 font is
currently available.

    [mj=<font>], [gt=<font>]
Declare Myeongjo (serif) and Gothic (sans-serif) font families respectively.
`c70<font>.fd` should be existant.

User commands

- scale font size of CJK character
- eg: \CJKscale{0.95}
- cannot be used with [usecjkt1font] option
- allowed only in the preamble
- under [hangul] option, line/word spacing and indent size are
  adjusted automatically

- lower CJK characters
- eg: \lowerCJKchar{0.1em}
- cannot be used with [usecjkt1font] option
- allowed only in the preamble

- emphasize Hangul or Hanja by putting dot above
- eg: \dotemph{드러냄표}
- available only when [usedotemph] option is given
- users can redefine these commands:


For other commands see CJK package documents.

Automatic Josa selection

Josa commands:

    \은 \는 \이 \가 \을 \를 \와 \과 \로 \으로 \라 \이라


    \label{fig:aaa} ... \ref{fig:aaa}\을
    \label{fig:aaa} ... \pageref{fig:aaa}\을
    \cite{hong}\을 ... \bibitem[홍길동\jong]{hong}

Automatic Josa selection works correctly only after
\ref \pageref \cite commands and after ascii characters.
For other cases these commands are available:

    \jung:  keyword is terminated by Jungseong
    \jong:  keyword is terminated by Jongseong
    \rieul: keyword is terminated by Jongseong Rieul

Korean counters

Same as ko.TeX package:

    \jaso \gana \ojaso \ogana \pjaso \pgana \onum \pnum \oeng \peng
    \hnum \Hnum \hroman \hRoman \hNum \hanjanum



Name Size Date Notes
ChangeLog 1741 2015-07-19 11:21
README 3983 2015-07-19 11:21
cjk-ko-doc.pdf 164823 2015-07-19 11:21
cjk-ko-doc.tex 8756 2015-07-19 11:21
cjkutf8-josa.sty 4493 2015-07-19 11:21
cjkutf8-ko.sty 14223 2015-07-19 11:21
cjkutf8-nanum­mjhanja.sty 1990 2015-07-19 11:21
ko­la­bels-utf.sty 4624 2015-07-19 11:21
kon­ames-utf.sty 4027 2015-07-19 11:21
ko­tex.sty 2685 2015-07-19 11:21

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (161.7k).

cjk-ko – Ex­ten­sion of the CJK pack­age for Korean type­set­ting

The pack­age sup­ports type­set­ting UTF-8-en­coded mod­ern Korean doc­u­ments with the help of the LaTeX2ε CJK pack­age.

The pack­age re­quires nanum­type1 fonts.

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Ver­sion1.7 2015-07-18
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Copy­right2007–2014 Do­hyun Kim
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