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ko­tex-utf is a macro pack­age for type­set­ting Han­gul, the na­tive al­pha­bet of the Korean lan­guage. The in­put Korean text should be en­coded in UTF-8. ko­tex-utf be­longs to ko.TeX, a com­pre­hen­sive Korean type­set­ting sys­tem to­gether with pack­ages ko­tex-oblivoir, ko­tex-plain, ko­tex-utils, cjk-ko, xe­texko, and lu­ax­exko.


ko­tex-utf de­pends on the fol­low­ing pack­ages:

  • xe­texko: Han­gul and hanja map­ping ta­bles
  • cjk-ko: main style, Korean coun­ters and cap­tions



dhucs-nanumfont.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/
dhucs.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/
hfontspec.default -> tex/latex/kotex/
kosections-utf.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/
kotex.cfg -> tex/latex/kotex/
kotexutf.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/
lucenc.dfu -> tex/latex/kotex/
lucuhcmj.fd -> tex/latex/kotex/
contrib/dhucs-cmap.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucs-enumerate.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucs-enumitem.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucs-gremph.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucs-interword.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucs-paralist.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucs-sectsty.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucs-setspace.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucs-trivcj.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucs-ucshyper.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/dhucsfn.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/kotex-logo.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/
contrib/kotex-varioref.sty -> tex/latex/kotex/contrib/


tex4ht/dhucs.4ht -> tex/latex/kotex/tex4ht/
tex4ht/dhucs.cfg -> tex/latex/kotex/tex4ht/
tex4ht/kosections-utf.4ht -> tex/latex/kotex/tex4ht/


README (this file) -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/
doc/kotexdoc.pdf -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/
doc/kotexdoc.tex -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/
doc/sample-finemath-setup.tex -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/
doc/yettext.tex -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/
doc/yettext.txt -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/
doc/fig/allowbreak-dhucs.pdf -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/fig/
doc/fig/fntexp.pdf -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/fig/
doc/fig/fntnormal.pdf -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/fig/
doc/fig/histkotex.jpg -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/fig/
doc/fig/linebreaktest.pdf -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/fig/
doc/fig/testdhucsallowbreak.pdf -> doc/latex/kotex-utf/fig/


Call kotex.sty (in cjk-ko pack­age) with pack­age op­tions as fol­lows:


When ko­tex-utf is in­stalled and ap­pro­pri­ate op­tions are given, ko­tex-utf will be used for Han­gul type­set­ting. Cer­tain pack­age op­tions are in­ter-re­lated to the TeX en­gines that are used for com­pi­la­tion. For pdfLaTeX and LaTeX, you can use utf op­tion:


This will ac­ti­vate the de­fault be­hav­ior of ko­tex-utf. The op­tion utf does not need to be spec­i­fied since it is a de­fault op­tion. You can use other com­mon op­tions such as hangul, hanja, and no­josa.

Calling ko­tex.sty in the fol­low­ing way


will type­set Han­gul us­ing the cjk-ko pack­age. Op­tions use­dotemph and usecjk­t1­font can be spec­i­fied in ad­di­tion to the com­mon op­tions.

For XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX, you can just load ko­tex.sty with­out any pack­age op­tions. ko­tex-utf will call XTeX-ko or LuaTeX-ko ac­cord­ingly.

Sam­ple doc­u­ment

The fol­low­ing doc­u­ment is a sam­ple doc­u­ment uti­liz­ing the if­tex pack­age for cop­ing with mul­ti­ple en­gines:

  \input glyphtounicode
  \setmainhangulfont[Ligatures=TeX]{HCR Batang LVT}
  \setsanshangulfont[Ligatures=TeX]{HCR Dotum LVT}
  \setmainhangulfont[Ligatures=TeX]{HCR Batang LVT}
  \setsanshangulfont[Ligatures=TeX]{HCR Dotum LVT}
\title{\koTeX-article 템플릿}
\section{절 제목}
\subsection{소절 제목}
이 문서는 \koTeX\ 문서입니다.

For more in­for­ma­tion, please re­fer to the in­cluded doc­u­men­ta­tion (writ­ten in Korean).


ko­tex-utf is li­censed un­der the LaTeX Project Public Li­cense (LPPL).


Please re­port any er­rors or sug­ges­tions to the pack­age main­tainer, Ki­h­wang Lee <leekh@ktug.org>.


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (7.7M).

ko­tex-utf – Type­set Han­gul, coded in UTF-8

The pack­age type­sets Han­gul, which is the na­tive al­pha­bet of the Korean lan­guage; in­put Korean text should be en­coded in UTF-8.

The bun­dle (of class and as­so­ci­ated pack­ages) be­longs to the ko.TeX bun­dle.

Pack­age De­tailsko­tex-utf
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2007–2013 Koaunghi Un, Kang­soo Kim and Do­hyun Kim
Main­tainerKi­h­wang Lee
Con­tained inTeX Live as ko­tex-utf
MiKTeX as ko­tex-utf
Topics sup­port for type­set­ting Korean
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