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Direc­tory tex-archive/language/swedish/slatex/spell

destex.l and deslatex.l are derived from detex.l and delatex.l from
the standard UNIX distribution (author Howard Trickey at Stanford

Funiq.c is due to Bill Vaughn at University of Rochester.  Funiq makes
spell a bit faster.

spell.patch is relative to /usr/bin/spell on a SUN 3 running SUN UNIX
version 3.2, but most 4.2-derived spells will probably do.


Name Size Date Notes
deslatex.l 2149 1989-11-23 01:00
destex.l 1316 1989-11-23 01:00
funiq.c 6334 1989-11-23 01:00
makefile 724 1989-11-23 01:00
readme 369 1989-11-23 01:00
spell.patch 1439 1989-11-23 01:00
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