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Direc­tory tex-archive/macros/context/contrib


Name Notes
context-account A sim­ple ac­count­ing pack­age
context-algorithmic Al­go­rithm han­dling in ConTeXt
context-bnf A BNF mod­ule for Con­text
context-chromato ConTeXt macros for chro­matograms
context-cmscbf Use Com­puter Modern bold Caps and Small-caps in ConTeXt
context-cmttbf Use Com­puter Modern Typewriter bold font in ConTeXt
context-construction-plan Con­struc­tion plans in ConTeXt
context-cyrillicnumbers Write num­bers as cyril­lic glyphs
context-degrade De­grad­ing JPEG im­ages in ConTeXt
context-filter Run ex­ter­nal pro­grams on the con­tents of a start-stop en­vi­ron­ment
context-fixme Make ed­i­to­rial marks on a doc­u­ment
context-french Sup­port for writ­ing French in ConTeXt
context-fullpage Over­full pages with ConTeXt
context-gantt GANTT mod­ule for ConTeXt
context-gnuplot In­clu­sion of Gnu­plot graphs in ConTeXt
context-inifile An ini-file pretty-printer, us­ing ConTeXt
context-letter Con­text pack­age for writ­ing let­ters
context-lettrine A ConTeXt im­ple­men­ta­tion of let­trines
context-lilypond Li­ly­pond code in ConTeXt
context-mathsets Set no­ta­tion in ConTeXt
context-rst Pro­cess reStruc­turedText with ConTeXt
context-ruby Ruby an­no­ta­tions in ConTeXt
context-sgf A Go sys­tem in Con­text
context-simplefonts Sim­pli­fied font us­age for ConTeXt
context-transliterator Translit­er­ate text from ‘other’ al­pha­bets
context-typearea Some­thing like Koma-Script ty­pearea
context-typescripts Small mod­ules to load var­i­ous fonts for use in ConTeXt
context-urwgaramond Con­text sup­port for URW Gara­mond font
context-urwgothic Con­text sup­port for URW Gothic
context-vim Gen­er­ate Con­text syn­tax high­light­ing code from vim
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