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The xint bundle
Release 1.09n (2014/04/01). Documentation date: 2014/04/01

Copyright (C) 2013-2014 by Jean-Francois Burnol
License: LaTeX Project Public License 1.3c or later.

Contents: Abstract, Installation, License.


xinttools is loaded by xint (hence by all other packages of the
bundle, too): it provides utilities of independent interest such as
expandable and non-expandable loops.

xint implements with expandable TEX macros additions, subtractions,
multiplications, divisions and powers with arbitrarily long numbers.

xintfrac extends the scope of xint to decimal numbers, to numbers in
scientific notation and also to fractions with arbitrarily long such
numerators and denominators separated by a forward slash.

xintexpr extends xintfrac with an expandable parser 
         \xintexpr . . . \relax
of expressions involving arithmetic operations in infix notation on
decimal numbers, fractions, numbers in scientific notation, with
parentheses, factorial symbol, function names, comparison operators,
logic operators, twofold and threefold way conditionals,
sub-expressions, macros expanding to the previous items.

Further modules:

xintbinhex is for conversions to and from binary and hexadecimal

xintseries provides some basic functionality for computing in an
expandable manner partial sums of series and power series with
fractional coefficients.

xintgcd implements the Euclidean algorithm and its typesetting.

xintcfrac deals with the computation of continued fractions.

Most macros, and all of those doing computations, work purely by
expansion without assignments, and may thus be used almost everywhere
in TeX. The packages may be used with any flavor of TeX supporting the
e-TeX extensions. LaTeX users will use \usepackage and others \input
to load the package components.


A. Installation using

obtain from CTAN:

cd to the download repertory and issue 
  unzip -d <TEXMF>
for example: (assuming standard access rights, so sudo needed)
  sudo unzip -d /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local
  sudo mktexlsr
On Mac OS X, installation into user home folder:
  unzip -d  ~/Library/texmf
B. Installation after file extractions:

obtain xint.dtx, xint.ins and the README from CTAN:

- "tex xint.ins" generates the style files
(pre-existing files in the same repertory will be overwritten).

- without xint.ins: "tex or latex or pdflatex or xelatex xint.dtx" 
will also generate the style files (and xint.ins).

xint.tex is also extracted, use it for the documentation:

- with latex+dvipdfmx: latex xint.tex thrice then dvipdfmx xint.dvi
Ignore dvipdfmx warnings, but if the pdf file has problems with fonts
(possibly from an old dvipdfmx), use then rather pdflatex or xelatex.

- with pdflatex or xelatex: run it directly thrice on xint.dtx, or run 
it on xint.tex after having edited the suitable toggle therein.

Whether compiling xint.tex or xint.dtx, the documentation is by default
produced without inclusion of the source code. See instructions in the
file xint.tex for changing this default.
Finishing the installation: (on first installation the destination
repertories may need to be created)

      xinttools.sty |
           xint.sty |
       xintfrac.sty |
       xintexpr.sty | --> TDS:tex/generic/xint/ 
     xintbinhex.sty |
        xintgcd.sty |
     xintseries.sty |
      xintcfrac.sty |

           xint.dtx   --> TDS:source/generic/xint/
           xint.ins   --> TDS:source/generic/xint/
           xint.tex   --> TDS:source/generic/xint/

           xint.pdf   --> TDS:doc/generic/xint/
             README   --> TDS:doc/generic/xint/

Depending on the TDS destination and the TeX installation, it may be
necessary to refresh the TeX installation filename database (mktexlsr)

C. Usage:

Usage with LaTeX: \usepackage{xinttools}
                  \usepackage{xint}       % (loads xinttools)
                  \usepackage{xintfrac}   % (loads xint)
                  \usepackage{xintexpr}   % (loads xintfrac)

                  \usepackage{xintbinhex} % (loads xint)
                  \usepackage{xintgcd}    % (loads xint)
                  \usepackage{xintseries} % (loads xintfrac)
                  \usepackage{xintcfrac}  % (loads xintfrac)

Usage with TeX:   \input xinttools.sty\relax   
                  \input xint.sty\relax       % (loads xinttools)
                  \input xintfrac.sty\relax   % (loads xint)
                  \input xintexpr.sty\relax   % (loads xintfrac)

                  \input xintbinhex.sty\relax % (loads xint)
                  \input xintgcd.sty\relax    % (loads xint)
                  \input xintseries.sty\relax % (loads xintfrac)
                  \input xintcfrac.sty\relax  % (loads xintfrac)


   This work may be distributed and/or modified under the
   conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either
   version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any later
   version. This version of this license is in
   and the latest version of this license is in
   and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of
   LaTeX version 2005/12/01 or later. 
This work consists of the source file xint.dtx and of its derived files:
xinttools.sty, xint.sty, xintfrac.sty, xintexpr.sty, xintbinhex.sty,
xintgcd.sty, xintseries.sty, xintcfrac.sty, as well as xint.ins, xint.tex
and the documentation xint.pdf (or xint.dvi).

The author of this work is Jean-Francois Burnol <jfbu at free dot fr>. 
This work has the LPPL maintenance status `author-maintained'.


Name Size Date Notes
README 5879 2014-04-01 09:19
xint.dtx 985109 2014-04-01 07:06
xint.ins 1943 2014-04-01 07:08
xint.pdf 601724 2014-04-01 07:09

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (819.5k).

xint – Ex­pand­able op­er­a­tions on long num­bers

The bun­dle pro­vides four pack­ages:

  • xint, which pro­vides ex­pand­able TeX macros that im­ple­ment the ba­sic arith­metic op­er­a­tions of ad­di­tion, sub­trac­tion, mul­ti­pli­ca­tion and di­vi­sion, as ap­plied to ar­bi­trar­ily long num­bers rep­re­sented as chains of dig­its with an op­tional mi­nus sign;
  • xint­tools is loaded by xint (hence by all other pack­ages of the bun­dle, too): it pro­vides util­i­ties of in­de­pen­dent in­ter­est such as ex­pand­able and non-ex­pand­able loops.
  • xint­frac, which com­putes frac­tions us­ing xint;
  • xin­t­expr, which ex­tends xint­frac with an ex­pand­able parser of ex­pres­sions in­volv­ing in­te­gers and a wide va­ri­ety of op­er­a­tors;
  • xint­bin­hex pro­vides con­ver­sions to and from bi­nary and hex­adec­i­mal bases;
  • xintseries, which pro­vides ba­sic func­tion­al­ity for com­put­ing par­tial sums us­ing xint;
  • xint­gcd, which pro­vides im­ple­men­ta­tions of the Eu­clidean al­go­rithm, and of its type­set­ting;
  • xintcfrac, which deals with the com­pu­ta­tion of con­tin­ued frac­tions,
All of the pack­ages’ com­pu­ta­tions are done in a way that they can op­er­ate in an ex­pand­ing en­vi­ron­ment.

The pack­ages may be used ei­ther with Plain TeX or LaTeX.

Pack­age De­tailsxint
Ver­sion1.09n 2014-04-01
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2013-2014 Jean-François Burnol
Main­tainerJean-François Burnol
Con­tained inTeXlive as xint
MikTeX as xint
Topics per­form cal­cu­la­tions within TeX
per­form and type­set arith­metic prob­lems
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